Connect to webmail

1. Point your browser to:
2. The first time you access the webmail client you will see this screen, click on View Certificate:

Security Alert

3. Next click on Install Certificate:


4. The import wizard will display, click on Next to continue:

Import Wizard

5. Ensure the top option is selected and click Next to continue:

Import Wizard2

6. Complete the import wizard by clicking Finish:

Import Wizard 3

7. Click Yes to add the certificate:

Certificate Store

8. Click OK to continue:


9. Click OK to close the Certificate window:


10. Click Yes to proceed to the webmail site:

Security Alert

11. Enter your email address and password, then click the Login button to continue:

12. Once logged in, you can choose the "Options" link at the top to customize your webmail experience.

Congratulations!! You have now successfully accepted the security certificate and accessed the webmail server.

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