Configure Outlook Express to receive KYonline email

1. Launch Outlook Express, then choose Tools, then Accounts... from the tool bar:
Outlook Express

2. Click Add from the list on the right, then select Mail...:
Internet Accounts

3. Type in your first and last name, then click the Next button at the bottom:
Internet Connection Wizard

4. Now enter your email address provided by KYonline and click the Next button at the bottom:
Internet Email Address

5. Set the Incoming mail (POP3) box to:
Set the Outgoing mail (SMTP) bot to:
and click Next to continue:
Email Server Names

6. Enter your email address for the Account name, enter your password and check the box next to Remember password. Click Next to continue:
Internet Mail Logon

7. Click Finish to continue:

8. Select the account you just created and click the Properties button:
Internet Accounts

9. Click on the Servers tab on the Properties screen:

10. Under "Outgoing Mail Server," check the box beside, "My server requires authentication."

11. Click on the Advanced tab, change Outgoing mail (SMTP): to 26

12. Click "OK"
13. Click "Close"
14. Close Outlook Express
15. Restart Outlook Express

You have now configured your email client to receive your KYonline email.

If you have more than one KYonline email address on this PC; repeat this process until they are all done.

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